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1 mars 2021

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Description: Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) has vanished. The notorious Blade Runner has been missing since 2019 when he and Rachael (Sean Young) escaped from the authorities, and in the process, also avoided the economic and social downfalls of the early 2020s. It's now 2049. Replicants are now closer to humans than ever before, and Blade Runners are still used to "retire" the older models that went into hiding from the notorious "Blackout" of 2022. In Deckard's place, "K" (Ryan Gosling) has taken the mantle of Los Angeles' top Blade Runner. However, his world turns upside down when he discovers a box containing the bones of a replicant who gave birth to a child
average Ratings: 8,9 of 10 star
Writer: Philip K. Dick
genre: Thriller
duration: 2 hours 44M
Denis Villeneuve

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